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  1. Failed to connect to the server./Не удалось соединиться с сервером.

    After restarting the servers, it does not allow further login. Error - Failed to connect to the server. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ После рестарта серверов, не пускает дальше логина. Ошибка - Не удалось соединиться с...
  2. Where does it fall, what is the chance of falling out of the Magic Tablet

    Good afternoon, dear Administration! I have a question where and how can I get magic tablets. In our Wiki, this information is not available, using other bases it became clear that approximately they should be dropped from mobs in the towers of insolence, but they are not in the drop list and...
  3. How do I get a test bonus?

    How do I get a test bonus?
  4. Scroll of Blessing

    Good afternoon, I tried to cast Scroll of Blessing over 100 times on one weapon and over 100 times on another. I only got the failures, tell me how it should be, or is the chance underestimated?
  5. Server future improved

    Good afternoon, a question for the administration. Tell me what plans you have with the improved server. Will you make a new server that, after opening, will merge with the current server? I would love to play on your server knowing that I can always boil over to my characters on the old server.
  6. Phantom Summoner - heal Summon Nightshade Lv. 1

    Добрый день! Протестировал Phantom Summoner и хочу сказать, что умение Summon Nightshade которое дает лечение на пати, как на меня слишком сильное. Я минут 10 смог бегать от парика в ЛОА а Summon Nightshade при этом не потратил почти никаких ресурсов на использования умения.
  7. What will happen to the current x3 server?

    Good day! I accidentally found your project, and I really liked it! Tell me what you plan to do with the current x3 server, how long will the server be available, and do you plan to leave it as the main one and connect it to new servers like other projects do?