Essence Blossom Festival


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Jul 27, 2021
Blossom Festival

Starting Date: 20.8.2021
Ending Date: 3.9.2021


  • Augustine returns to the towns of Elmoreden to once again plant new seeds on this continent.
  • Augustine can be found in major towns and villages, use /target Augustine for easier search.
  • Once a day you can get a gift box from the NPC.
  • You can also exchange seeds and coupons for useful items with the help of Augustine.


  • Get Augustine's Daily Gift Box that can be opened only once a day. It's reset at 6:30
  • Hunt Augustine's Chests in locations to get 10 seeds with some chance. These chest change their position every 2 minutes.
  • Exchange Augustina's seeds and coupons for useful items. Event coupons are obitained from gift box.

Augustine's Gift Box


Augustina's Chests


Special NPCs that will appear in certain locations

Chest and LevelLocationLocation lvlAmount of Chests
Augustina's Chests lvl 65 and 75Fields of Massacrelvl 55 +up to 60
Augustina's Chests lvl 75War-Torn Plainslvl 67 +up to 120
Augustina's Chests lvl 75Silent valleylvl 72 +up to 36
Augustina's Chests lvl 75Plains of Lizardmanlvl 76 +up to 144
Augustina's Chests lvl 75Cruma Towerlvl 65 +up to 70
Augustina's Chests lvl 75 and 80Primeval Islelvl 65 +up to 60
Augustina's Chests lvl 80Dragon Valleylvl 77 +up to 180
Augustina's Chests lvl 80Tower of Insolencelvl 76 +up to 120
Augustina's Chests lvl 80Orc Barrackslvl 83 +up to 5
Augustina's Chests lvl 80Sel Mahum Baselvl 83 +up to 30
Augustina's Chests lvl 75 and 80Alligator Islandlvl 70 +up to 60
Augustina's Chests lvl 80Forgotten Primeval Gardenlvl 76 +up to 30

  • The chest's respawn time is 30 seconds after being killed.
  • Chests disappear and appear in a new location every 2 minutes even if a character attacks them.
  • The chest stats are lower than monsters of location.
  • For killing chests a character will receive 3-4 times more EXP than for killing monsters of location.
  • The main trophy from chest is Augustina's seeds. With certain chance, seeds can be obtained and will fall into your inventory.

Coupon and Seeds Exchange

  • Event coupons are obtained from the Gift Box.

Reward List

chest-bweapon.png Enchanted B-grade Weapon Coupon
chest-supply.png Suply Pounch
chest-aden.png Enchant Kit: Talisman of Aden
chest-eva.png Enchant Kit: Talisman of Eva
chest-speed.png Enchant Kit: Talisman of Speed
chest-cookie.png Sayha's Cookie
chest-mytelepscroll.png My Teleport Scroll
chest2.png Scroll Enchant Attack
chest3.png Scroll Enchant Defense
chest-shinyjewelbox.png Shiny Jewelry Box
chest-ignis.png Agathion Package: Ignis
chest-nebula.png Agathion Package: Nebula
chest-petram.png Agathion Package: Petram
chest-procella.png Agathion Package: Procella
chest-joy.png Agathion Package: Joy
chest-sayhasilver.png Sayha Silver Light Blessing
chest-beltpack.png Dragon Belt Pack
1629462390588.pngBest Dye Pack +4/-2
1629462390588.pngBest Dye Pack +4/-3
Enchant Kit: Circlet of Hero
Jewelry Box Lv. 3

/*From next Monday, Augustina will have a special gift for newcomers and dormands!*/- delayed
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