EXP Requirements


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Apr 14, 2021
As discussed in the Discord channel, this server has unrealistic EXP requirements. The current EXP tables are based on L2 Essence values while not taking into account the Essence EXP features like auto-grind, Sayha's Grace (+400% EXP Boost), and dense monster population. Couple these missing Essence features along with the fact that ToI is really the only decent XP spot for higher levels, it creates an extremely difficult leveling experience that I do not believe 95% of the server will stay for.

I have created this thread in hopes that we can all provide suggestions to remediate this issue.

A few ideas that have been suggested so far:

1. Adjust the EXP tables to be more in line with the L2 Classic EXP tables.
2. Increase the EXP of monsters and/or monster population in other zones to provide more grinding locations.
3. Provide more EXP boosts either from events or L2Store

Feel free to provide more suggestions.


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Dec 23, 2020
Mobs in PARTY areas like FoG or IT cant give 20k exp with 150% exp they must be match with lv 78 mobs or its a area where noone will ever exp