[Experiment 46] Evasion and Basic Attack Land Rate


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Dec 18, 2020

[Experiment 46] Evasion and Basic Attack Land Rate

In this experiment, we are going to estimate P. Evasion parameter efficiency.

Attacker: Sagittarius Lv. 79
Target: Grand Khavatari Lv. 76

Sagittarius Lv. 79 attacked Grand Khavatari Lv. 76 with a basic attack. During the experiment, the Evasion parameter was changed by using different items and character features (because changing it via GM commands directly is not possible). P.Accuracy wasn't changed. You can see the results in the table below:

108 Evasion125 Evasion150 Evasion
200 Hits1451137
200 Hits1452142
200 Hits1958143
200 Hits2053140
200 Hits1754138
1000 Hits84268700
P. Evasion Rate8,4%26,8%70%

Summary: as you can see, P. Evasion does affect the land rate of basic attacks.
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