Improved Grand Opening - 26/02/2021 18:00 GMT+0

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Dec 18, 2020





We are nearly there! Just one more day left until the Improved era commences!

Our Improved project will go live on:

Friday, February 26th at 18:00 GMT+0!

General Information
  • 30 minutes prior to the server's launch, players will be able to:
    • Create characters
    • Donate and transfer L2 Coin Chests (which you can buy on Account Panel Store) to their game characters
  • If you have not downloaded the client yet, you may do so here
  • Make sure your client is up-to-date by running the updater
  • Make sure you have created a Master Account as well as a game account on our Account Panel
  • Browse our Wiki while you wait
  • Join our Discord server and meet our community
Important Notice

As with most Lineage II servers, we estimate that a DDoS attack against our server at the time of launch is highly likely.

We are well-prepared to defend ourselves against any malicious attacks that can disrupt the smooth operation of our server. However, in the unlikely event that an attack prevents you from logging into the game, make sure to keep an eye on our public channels for up-to-date information.


We would like to wish everyone best of luck in the Improved world and we hope you will enjoy this project as much as we did working on it!

See you tomorrow!

- Innadril Project Team
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